🌴 Intermediate Bet School: What are specials or exotic bets?
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🌴 Intermediate Bet School: What are specials or exotic bets?

After we looked at virtual sports betting in the last segment we now move on to the concept of exotic or special bets, an area that has proved to be super profitable for seasoned bettors. 

Specials are placed on outcomes which have a lower probability of occurring and therefore they pay greater returns when they do. Exotic bets are types of bets that normally offer higher odds than standard bets. They are often betting markets that are not mainstream.

For this reason, exotic bets can be an enticing prospect for bettors that have a bit of experience in the game and want to find value in different markets. In football, an exotic bet might involve picking the number of corners in a half or in an entire match, for both teams or single teams.

✅ Pros of exotic bets

  • The potential for huge returns relative to the original stake.
  • Exotic bets can be more exciting and interesting than straight bets.

❌ Cons of exotic bets

  • The probability of exotic bets paying off is lower and it’s more difficult to make multiple correct picks.
  • Exotic bets aren’t always available.
  • Exotic bets can be confusing, especially for newcomers to betting. 

🤔 Types of exotic bets in football

  • The first team to score
  • Time of the first goal
  • Specific player to score 
  • Penalty to be awarded (y/n)
  • A red card to be shown (y/n)
  • Number of bookings
  • Number of corners
  • Goals in both halves (y/n)

As you can see, special/exotic bets have nothing to do with which team actually wins or loses a match. These wagers are aimed primarily at the bettor who is comfortable with the basics of sports betting and who is looking for some extra recreational bets to spice things up after noticing trends and patterns developing with teams that they research.  

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