📊 Intermediate Bet School: How to analyse over/under stats like a pro
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📊 Intermediate Bet School: How to analyse over/under stats like a pro

Over/under is becoming an increasingly popular market for sports betters as football fans look to back goal trends instead of outright results.

This market can deliver consistent profits and add some enjoyment to games you might not have been watching before. Gut-feel is important but in this market, stats and well-thought-out research are even more crucial.

🤔 What is over/under betting?

Over/under is when you predict if there will be over or under a certain amount of goals in a given event. Over 2.5 is a popular market but on bet254, there is a wide variety of markets ranging from 0.5 to 7.5 for the bold bettors.

📲 Here's how you should be analysing the over/under markets when selecting your bets and some quick tips and which parameters to look at.

🥅 Average total goals

This is the number of goals in games involving both of the teams concerned across the whole season so far. If the average is above 2.5 and a large number of matches have already been played, that's a good indicator to go over 2.5. 

📊 % of matches seeing over 2.5 goals

This is the ratio of games involving these two sides that have seen more than two total goals scored. Since the Bundesliga's return, RB Leipzig's matches have been high-scoring affairs and that leads us to bet on that trend continuing against Paderborn, but make sure to do your research on the opposition too!

⚽️ Goals scored/conceded

This is a very important metric and one that's easy to research. A team can be turning out relatively poor results but their "goals scored" tally can still be high. If that's the case, they're a good side to back in the overs market regardless of their results.

📈 Recent scoring trends

Trends and form are hugely important in over/under betting. A team may have scored an average of 3.00 goals per game for an entire season but if their RECENT form has seen their goals dry up, you may want to avoid betting on them in this market.

🧤 BTTS & clean sheets

if a high proportion of a team's matches see goals at both ends, then they're automatically a decent option in the overs market. If a team is famous for its clean sheets, maybe steer clear. To use RB Leipzig as an example again, it's clear that they're having no issues finding the back of the net of late, especially away from home, but clean sheets remain a concern. 

🤺 H2H stats

The final consideration to make is head to head. Even if all of the above metrics point to a high-scoring encounter between two teams, their head to head history might say otherwise. The last few fixtures between two rivals is a good place to look because often sides have "bogey teams" that they struggle against. Te head to head might offer an insight into what type of matches you can expect, and you can place your bets accordingly.

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