📖 Intermediate Bet School: Selecting the best bookmaker
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📖 Intermediate Bet School: Selecting the best bookmaker

Sports betting isn't just about picking the right winner, you also need to take careful consideration before picking your betting provider.

With so many options available to customers in an ultra-competitive market, which criteria should be the major factors behind this decision?

⚖️ Licensing and legality

Stick to bookmakers that are legally permitted to provide you with their platform for betting in your country of residence. Using non-licensed bookies puts you at unnecessary financial and legal risk.

✅ Reputation

Reputation is a key factor and watchword in the sports betting world. If the general online consensus around a bookmaker is positive, it's likely that they're a reputable operator worth checking out. On the other side of the coin, bookmakers who alienate their customers will generate negative feedback and sentiment and with a bit of research and reading, you'll be able to separate the options. 

💵 First deposit bonuses

Almost all operators offer new prospective customers a welcome bonus upon signing up. Free bets, deposit bonuses with rollover conditions, enhanced odds – these are the most popular means with which bookies strive to catch your attention and attract you as a new player. Make sure to examine the terms and conditions of these offers. The nature of these offers will tell you a lot about the provider and their legitimacy.

🥩 Minimum bet stake

A lot of bettors love the thrill of taking on a multiple-leg accumulator with a small stake, hoping to win big on a massive longshot. Make sure to read the Ts & Cs and bet only with bookmakers that satisfy your minimum stake preferences.

💰 Payouts

The odds that different operators offer on the same sports event are not always the same. Some bookmakers have a higher payout than their competitors and operate at a lower margin. If you find upon a betting company which has obviously unfair odds that are clearly worse than the rest of their competitors, avoid them and invest your time and money elsewhere.

🏧 Deposit & withdrawal methods

A good variety of popular worldwide payment methods is a good indicator of a bookmaker’s stability, reputation and reliability. Crucial aspects you need to consider with regard to deposit & withdrawals are minimum amounts to deposit and withdraw, fees & timeframes for a withdrawal. Lower minimum amounts, fees and withdrawal times are always preferable. 

💻 Website interface & mobile-friendliness

Check that the usability of a bookmaker's website and mobile site is user-friendly with seamless user experience. it's advisable to visit such websites during "peak" betting hours to test out their capabilities and whether the information loads quickly. If the site's interface is easy to use and navigate, you might be onto a winner.

With these crucial factors in mind, you're in a much stronger position and armed with the key knowledge to make informed choices on where to place your bets.

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