📲 Intermediate Bet School: Introducing in-game betting & a few successful strategies
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📲 Intermediate Bet School: Introducing in-game betting & a few successful strategies

Live betting is everywhere you look in the sports betting industry with score apps, news sites & content providers all generating betting traffic to matches as they're happening.

🏟 What is live betting? 

In-game/live betting simply refers to wagering on a game while it's still ongoing. Sportsbook odds for the in-game will usually only change during a halftime break or interval of any kind and odds change after almost every event or possession throughout the game so it's always advisable to keep an eye on everything that's going on that's relevant to your bet(s). 

🤔 Why live betting?

In-game betting provides the opportunity to place another bet and make some money after gaining additional insights after kickoff. Generally, it's a good idea to stick to your gut feel when it comes to outright bets before kickoff, but there's no reason why additional bets can't be placed during a match to add to your potential returns when events unfold in a match. 

With in-game betting, context is everything. If you're betting on an event for which you have plenty of prior knowledge, then you're in a good position to place an in-game bet, with full knowledge of the context. For example, if team "X" gets a player sent off, placing a bet on team "Y" to score next is a logical next step bet to make.

The one major drawback of in-game betting is that it can go against all of your prior research into a game, based on how events unfold on the pitch. It's easy to become swayed by an eventful football match and place an in-game wager. When possible, in-game bets should be aligned with your pre-game bets, outside of unforeseen circumstances like red cards, injuries in the warmup, drastic weather changes and the like. If you've researched your bet thoroughly enough prior to kickoff, let that be your guiding light. 

Don't ever just place a bet and leave it, because monitoring that bet could be the difference between winning and losing if you're factoring in the right in-game factors. 

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