Balotelli vs Brescia: Serie A club to sue Mino Raiola and Balotelli over slanderous accusations

Balotelli vs Brescia: Serie A club to sue Mino Raiola and Balotelli over slanderous accusations

Lately, there have been a lot of reports in the media on the off-pitch battle between Brescia and Mario Balotelli, and it seems matters will now be handled in court, as the Serie club plans to sue the player and his agent Mino Raiola over slanderous accusations.

According to Raiola, his client was "discriminated against" by not receiving a coronavirus test like the rest of his teammates, something Brescia claim is not true.

The agent declared this week: "They are discriminating against Balotelli, he has never been tested by Brescia, not even one swab."

Balotelli then posted an Instagram story saying his agent's claims were "all true".

Now, Brescia has responded to these claims in a statement that reads: "It is important to underline that, apparently, this extended inspection will happen following the false and slanderous accusations of irresponsible people, published this morning in the media.

"On this specific issue, we have instructed our lawyers to take action against those who made these false accusations.

"Brescia wish to clarify that we respected the medical protocol to the letter and even privately hired a full-time specialist (at real expense) to deal with any possible health emergencies linked to COVID-19.

"Being accused of not respecting the rules, by one of our players no less, is shameful slander and those who said it will pay (both in economic and image terms) in the opportune venues, so we can protect the work and sacrifices of this club.

"Unfortunately, as we all know, the irresponsible behavior of an individual can create serious risks for everyone involved, so we'll be forced to enact even more rigid measures to protect the club and its representatives."

A mutual termination deal drawn up by the club was rejected by Balotelli, with president Massimo Cellino saying the deal to sign him was a "mistake".

The 29-year-old scored five goals in 19 league games for the club before Serie A was suspended due to Italy's coronavirus outbreak.