Qatar 2022 World Cup fixtures and venues: What you need to know

Qatar 2022 World Cup fixtures and venues: What you need to know

FIFA on Wednesday announced the schedule for 2022 Qatar World Cup. 

Here is what you need know about FIFA's first winter World Cup that will be played in November/December due to favourable climatic conditions in the Arab nation. 

  • Four matches will be played each day during the group stage.
  • The group games will be played over a 12-day period, with matches not being assigned to particular venues until after the finals draw in March 2022 in order to choose optimal kick-off times to suit television audiences in different countries as well as supporters out in Qatar.
  • Kick-off times for the first two rounds of matches will be 1 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm and 10 pm local time (same time as East Africa).
  • Kick-off times in the final round of group games and knock-out round matches will be at 6 pm and 10 pm local time.
  • For all but three games there will be a three-day rest period in between.
  • Lusail Stadium in Doha, the stadium that will host the 2022 World Cup final is yet to be constructed.
  • The tournament's opening match will be played at the Al Bayt stadium in Al Khor on Monday, November 21 in a match which will feature the host country.
  • The final game will  be played on Sunday, December 18, kick-off at 6 pm local time.
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