Jose Mourinho believes Spurs can win Europa League 'if they qualify'

Jose Mourinho believes Spurs can win Europa League 'if they qualify'

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho believes his side will win the Europa League next season if they can qualify.

Spurs are favourites to book a spot in Europe’s second-tier going into the final two matches of the Premier League season, starting with Leicester on Sunday.

They need a sixth-place finish to secure a spot in European football or seventh would do the job if Arsenal do not win the FA Cup.

“In quite a funny way, I’m telling the players, two more victories to win the Europa League,” he said. “That’s what I’m telling the players.

“I know it’s not like that, I know the Europa League is a long competition and of course some good teams, of course some teams go from Champions League to Europa League in the knockout phase and makes it a really difficult competition.

Champions League final

“But it’s just a feeling to try to motivate the boys because of course our level is Champions League. I want Champions League, the players played Champions League final.

“That’s the level of our club, of our stadium. That’s what the fans want, that’s what we as a club wants.

“I’m just trying to motivate the troops because it’s very important to keep that motivation. It’s not possible that Sheffield United, Wolverhampton and Arsenal, it’s not possible they have more motivation than us to get one of these spots.

“Europa League is good, you can rotate players. It’s a fantastic experience for younger people that maybe Champions League comes too early for them. I think it’s good, I think we have to try that.”