George Lwandamina puts trusts in divine intervention against Covid-19

George Lwandamina puts trusts in divine intervention against Covid-19

Zesco United head coach George Lwandamina’s hopes of winning the fight against Covid-19 lies in the powers above.

Lwandamina’s views have followed after the pandemic deeply damaged the Zambia Super League’s restart weekend on 18 July.

“There is nothing like good planning. You can plan but when COVID-19 test results are out, you find that everything that you had put on paper is gone. It is difficult for everyone. It’s only GOD himself who will decide if those who are in charge can’t decide, God will decide for us,” Lwandamina told Zesco’s website.

“It is very difficult when you are working on certain things and suddenly you receive that kind of news. I agree that we have a good number of players but it’s not everyone who can play and more especially the time I got the news, it was when I had announced the team.

“I was forced to start calling those who were not in my team. Their(players) first impression was that I was calling them because they were affected by the test results. But I tried to talk to them and explained the circumstances. I encouraged them to prepare themselves for a game they were not supposed to play. That’s not enough for players.

“We have been together in the camp including those who are sick. I know we will need to go through another test which am sure is costly for the club, but to be certain we have to do just that,” he added.

“It is not just about ZESCO United players. Psychologically, this is going to affect everyone. When you are put in suspense especially when you don’t have results, that takes a tore out on someone. The worst part of psychology is that it takes a lot of energy and stresses someone to the point that one can’t play football.

“The environment surrounding this pandemic, associated with football, I am sure we are not ready. We should have been doing these things before even announcing the resumption of the league so that things are put in place.

“It’s sad that people concentrated on preparing the teams for the games overlooking the important aspects of health. These players are connected; they are a family. So when they feel that one is sick, they are also affected. It is a chain reaction. Having three sick players means that I have a total of six players out of the game,” he concluded.

While Zanaco are scheduled to face Nkwazi on Sunday, Zesco’s next outing is expected to be on Sunday 2 August against Lusaka Dynamos.

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