Callum Robinson on the importance of having fans at the stadium

Callum Robinson on the importance of having fans at the stadium

The Republic of Ireland international Callum Robinson is one of the most optimistic players in the football, however, he feels that fans need to be offered something more.

Robinson is aware that mental health has been a challenge worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic and feels the fans have been saved by football in essence.

"I would say football, in general, is keeping people healthy," he says, "You laugh and you (might say) there's no chance, but I know it is definitely helping people's heads, with them being at home a lot at the moment.

"Winter is coming as well and that's a bit of a downer with the virus. If we can get a win for the country for Thursday and put a smile on people's faces, that would be massive."

The 25-year-old has had a whirlwind career himself after he secured a massive move to Sheffield United from Preston North End, and was shipped out on loan to West Bromwich Albion halfway through the season.

However, his stay in the Championship was shortlived as he contributed to their return in topflight and he was rewarded with a permanent stay thereafter.
"The most difficult part about closed doors is that you score against Chelsea and there's no one there to celebrate with, just the camera," he continued.

"For West Brom back in the Premier League, the fans would (normally) be roaring us on and celebrating and helping us on the way, which isn't happening at the moment.

"You take the fans for granted. Aston Villa beat Liverpool 7-2 at Villa Park. I was there (at Villa) before and that place would have been going off for hours.

"Obviously, it's just sad that isn't happening at the moment, but we have to just keep working hard through these times."

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