Nuno Espirito Santo expresses his gratitude to star striker Raul Jimenez

Nuno Espirito Santo expresses his gratitude to star striker Raul Jimenez

Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Nuno Espirito has lauded striker Raul Jimenez's work ethic and the goals he has scored for the team.

Jimenez dominated the goal post for the past two seasons and already this season, he has registered three goals in five games.

“With Raul, it’s been a challenge for him and for us to manage his minutes, how much he is involved," Nuno said.

“Since he played in the Gold Cup with Mexico at the beginning of last season, everything has gone from there.

“But he has been able to perform very well and sustain his levels of fitness.

“Again, this season, it’s always a challenge for him and for us, to manage and deal with the situation.
“But Raul is doing very, very well. I see him fresh, available, and when he’s like that, all the talent he has emerged. He’s been able to help the team so much.”

The Mexican international has also managed to stay injury-free and Nuno explained that his star player is always on top of his game and is dedicated to the cause, making sure he is on top form always.
“He’s really committed to it and he always competes at the highest level that he can.

“The best way to keep your fitness is to give everything you have in the matches.
“He’s always been able to pass that barrier of eventual fatigue, to delay when the tiredness comes.

“Raul has always been involved with the national team but we’ve always exchanged information with their staff, as we do with all our international players.

“He has so much talent, commitment, ambition, we are very pleased.

“He has to keep going, there is no stopping. He knows that. Now is the time to improve.”

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