Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl expresses dementia concern following new report

Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl expresses dementia concern following new report

Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl used to score headers during his heydays as a footballer and he made his dominance in the air known.

Hasenhuttl's career spanned across Austria, Belgium and Germany during a six-year spell and now he believes that those same headers have brought him lifetime damage.

According to a report released this week, 20 normal headers can potentially lead to a concussion test failure which ultimately can result to dementia.

"I can only speak from my experience, I took a lot of headers in my career. I was a centre forward and it was my biggest strength," Hasenhuttl said.

"I know that there are some brain cells dying from that, we all know this, and we must find a solution."

Hasenhuttl was asked if the excessive scoring of headers has affected his brain in the long run and he confirmed: "Yes, because I remember the balls then, especially when it was wet, they were heavier than the balls today so it hurt sometimes when you headed it on the goal or cleared it as a defender but you try to push it away.

"Sport is not always healthy. You can speak about the skiers, after their careers, they have no knees anymore or both knees damaged.

"When you play golf your back is maybe finished after your career because you do this again and again and again.

"You can speak about any sport because it is always the same movement you do and that causes problems.

"Everybody will carry his bag after this career so they are the risks we have but we shouldn’t do what is obviously not the best, especially when they are young."

"We have also a few lads in our squad in the academy and you can see that especially this part of their game is not that developed," he continued.

"They don’t head any more in the youth and that’s the reason why they have no timing, they have definitely no technique to make a controlled header on the goal so you must work with them on some parts.

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