My Pawa made me a betPawa UGX 1 Billion Giveaway BIG winner

My Pawa made me a betPawa UGX 1 Billion Giveaway BIG winner

Win up to UGX 20 Million every week in betPawa’s UGX 1 Billion Giveaway. Place any bet before Sunday to enter Monday’s draw, with 11,500+ cash prizes. Emuron was the second UGX 20 Million winner. This is his story…

I had seen a message about the UGX 1 Billion Giveaway, but I never took it seriously. I placed about 4 bets last week, so I guess those are the ones that made me enter the draw. One bet slip won me a little money.

I came to the betPawa offices and received my prize of UGX 20 Million. I am now extremely overjoyed. My friend accompanied me and he is so happy for me too.

Life has really been so hard for close to a year. Our place of work was closed due to COVID-19, so I am going to start up a business in my hometown that I will run with my friend, so this gift has really come at the right time and it will help me to revive my dreams.

Now I understand the beauty of the UGX 1 Billion Giveaway. betPawa is always committed to making customers happy. I can’t afford to lose a chance of winning the UGX 90 Million grand prize and other prizes. I have already placed 2 bets.

Even if you have UGX 1, you can bet. So if you can afford at least UGX 1, please join, place a bet and it’s an automatic entry to the draw. Believe you me, you might be the next betPawa millionaire like me.

Place any bet and you could be this week’s UGX 20 Million winner