Bruno Fernandes hits back at critism over his form against top six sides

Bruno Fernandes hits back at critism over his form against top six sides

Manchester United star man Bruno Fernandes has hit back on criticism about his performance against the English Premier Lague's top six’ clubs.

The Portuguese has scored 34 goals and registered 21 assists in just 62 appearances but has struggled against the league’s heavyweights this season with just one goal scored across seven games against Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea this season.

While Fernandes admits his performances during United’s draws against Chelsea and Crystal Palace were not up to his high standard, the midfielder insists he should not solely be judged on his goals and assists.

“I know people expect Bruno to score or assist in every game because when I arrived, I was playing really well. If you see my stats, everyone is thinking that Bruno has to score in every game, Bruno has to assist in every game," he told Sky Sports

“And I want to do that it's the most important thing. But as a player, I don’t look for the big six or the rest of the league. I look for every game in the same way. And I think the league is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. So you don’t have to score or win against the big six-you have to score and win against everyone.

“I see people talking about Bruno not doing so well against the ‘big six’. People have said Bruno gives the ball away too many times when we lose a game. Also, in the game against Basaksehir, I scored two goals and I lost more balls than their team, but people said I was the best player in the game. So, what is the point? ‘But I agree the last two games, I didn’t play very well. And I don’t need to see the stats to see if I play well or not. I know when I play well or not."

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