Aston Villa captain Mings calls for social media blackout

Aston Villa captain Mings calls for social media blackout

Aston Villa captain has called on a football-led social media blackout as he feels it could be the only way to stamp out online racial abuse.

The sentiments come a week after former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry quit platforms such as Twitter and Instagram is taking a stand over the abhorrent abuse.

With a racial incident happening in Valencia’s game on Sunday and West Brom’s Callum Robinson subjected to pictures of monkeys on Instagram after starring against Chelsea, Mings has backed Henry’s stance.

“I think it might get to a stage where the only alternative if social media companies aren’t doing enough, is that we show unity and all come off, and by all I mean the clubs as well.

“If the clubs aren’t posting anything, the fans have nothing to engage with, unfortunately, and obviously these social media platforms are engagement driven and viewer driven.

“But how do you make your point heard? How do you get people to take you seriously? Sometimes you have to hit those companies where it hurts, and that’s in their profit and their engagement. Who knows? Maybe it might get to that one day, I hope it doesn’t,” Mings said.

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