LaLiga president slams Florentino Perez for 'ruining' football

LaLiga president slams Florentino Perez for 'ruining' football

LaLiga President Javier Tebas has joined the football world in condemning the botched plans to set up a parallel European Super League by elite clubs. 

LaLiga's top-three clubs, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and Real Madrid were among the 12 founding clubs, but the plan has since collapsed following the withdrawal of six English teams. 

Speaking on Friday during a meeting with journalists and other stakeholders, Tebas further revealed they have been aware of plans to form such a league. 

"We have had constant threats of a breakaway league for 25 years. Finally, this came to a head, and within 48
hours it is dissolving pretty fast. I am not saying that it is finished, but it does seem that it's close to an end," he said. 

Adding; "I think that the threat that existed from many big clubs will no longer exist because the response from fans, politicians, and others has been tremendous. It is a threat that has been around a long time and we have finished with it.

"We cannot say that it will save us from ruins and that it does not harm national competitions when it is a reality that affects, at least, the whole concept of meritocracy. What is that about entering a tournament without counting regular league games? Finally, the president of Real Madrid, who has led this project, has told us that this is good for the future of football, but if this was the truth, it wouldn’t have been done in secret,"

Tebas then took a swipe at Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, who spearheaded the plans to form the breakaway league. 

"My assessment of those who say want to help is the following: They either lie or are wrong. Florentino Pérez lies because he does not help, he destroys football. He surprises me being the great businessman he is,"

"Spanish football is not going to be ruined in 2024 as Florentino Pérez says. We have taken the necessary
measures to come out as strong as possible. We must continue working on economic control, on the sale of
broadcast rights,"