Klopp defends Liverpool owners, blasts new UCL look

Klopp defends Liverpool owners, blasts new UCL look

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said it was "perfect" the Super League never materialized as he defended the club's owners over the shelved plans while also launching a stinging critique on the Champions League's new look.

After a week in which Liverpool's ownership has been heavily chastised by fans, Klopp expressed hope that the team's relationship with its supporters will become "stronger" as a result of the difficult week.

On the owners...

"Our owners are not bad people -- they just made a bad decision but let's carry on," he said.

"I know the owners, I have known them six years, I know there are some moments when they might not have made right decision, this time for sure," Klopp said. "But it doesn't change things for me, I prefer to deal with problems with people I know than changing them. I know it's normal that people will say 'how can we carry on' but that needs longer time, you cannot sort that in a week."

What about the UCL?...

Klopp, on the other hand, has long challenged the rationale of cramming more games into a season, and he has criticized the structure of the current Champions League, claiming that football clubs are already running "on the edge" of potential.

He said: "We have to make sure there's no harm from [the Super League], no different atmosphere in the club. Let's go back to the beautiful game it always was.

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"I am not naive -- I have no problem with change, and while the Super League is away, in the same moment the new Champions League is out there.

"Who read this concept properly and says 'oh that's perfect!' And who doesn't know it's not about money? It's a joke."

Klopp then referred to the Nations League and the Club World Championship, and added: "This kind of things happen constantly."

He added: "We've spoken about this before, no one listens to the managers or players. The football structure at the moment is not prepared for more games. People at high levels do not understand [this]."

Liverpool drew 1-1 at Leeds on Monday, and they face Newcastle next on Saturday.

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