💎 Every word Pep Guardiola said before PSG battle tonight

💎 Every word Pep Guardiola said before PSG battle tonight

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, has emphasised privilege and emotion control ahead of Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League semi-final against Paris Saint Germain.

The English log leaders are in search of their first ever UEFA Champions League final and title, and PSG, stand in the way. The French champions are trailing 2-1 from the first leg at home last week.

Here’s everything Pep had to say in the build-up…

  • On the magnitude of the game

“Privileged to live it. Privileged to be here, to try to make the final,” he said.

“For most of us in this club, it is the first time [we have played in a Champions League semi-final].

“We are going to do a good game. What we have to do is win tomorrow and after we see what happens.

“Now we arrive in a good moment. I said to the guys don’t think too much to win the game.

“The same message we have done for the last six or seven months is the same message for tomorrow.

“We approach the game with a small advantage and we have to play to win the game. This is what we will do.”

  • On the game plan

“I know what we are playing for,” the boss added.

“In these types of games, you don't need much emotions. You need to be more calm and know what to do.

“I don’t need to tell anyone - the backroom staff, the players, the chefs - everybody knows how important it is. That is the situation.

“Stay at home tonight, arrive in the afternoon, have a pre-match meal and go to the stadium.

“We spoke yesterday about what we have to do. We spoke about us and what we have to do, and we are going to try and do it.

  • On PSG’s quality

“I didn’t speak one word about them, knowing they can change the shape because the manager is so clever. I don't know what they are going to do.

“We will focus on our game. The desire to reach the final is normal because we have never been here before."

"Emotions mean you can play the game, but the game can be completely different than you expect," he said.

"You cannot play 90 mins like we played in the second half [in Paris]. I would love to but it won’t happen.

“You have to understand it will be a big battle and we are going to suffer. They have to visualise that we are going to do it.

"What we have to do is not different to what we have done over the last seven months. Go out and play our game and win.

  • On the team’s attitude

“We are not demanding anything different.

“We play tough games in the Premier League, as tough as PSG, and in the Champions League you play tough games.

“Just go there and do what we have done this season.

“Take the ball, try to regain our momentum and try to win the game.

"I don’t expect for one second we will play 90 mins like the second half. How we play in the bad moments will be important.

"After that it belongs to the players' desire to do something nice for our lives to be remembered forever,” Pep concluded.

Source: Man City website.

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