Neymar slide tackled by fans

Neymar slide tackled by fans

After two overly excited fans escaped security and collided with Neymar's knees, sending him reeling, the PSG striker was left limping towards Brazil's team hotel.

The worrying event, which was caught on camera, has raised injury concerns for the 29-year-old as Brazil prepares for two World Cup qualifiers and a Copa America tournament at home.

Two young fans, evidently eager to see their idol, got past security and went towards Neymar as the Brazilian team was leaving their team bus and heading to their hotel. Unfortunately, they stumbled and collided with the striker before security could intervene.

Following a short brawl in which one supporter refused to release go of Neymar, the striker was seen carefully reaching down to feel his ankle until he was finally liberated. He also misplaced his shoe as a result of the incident.

The 29-year-old was able to get into the team hotel eventually, but he was hobbling and favoring his left leg as he did so.