Calvert Lewin admits shock in Carlo Ancelotti exit

Calvert Lewin admits shock in Carlo Ancelotti exit

Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin had admitted shock at the departure of manager Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid.

Ancelotti left Everton this week to return to Madrid and while no player at Everton has spoken about the move, Lewin admitting that the Italian had been a gear tactician for his progress.

“It's come as a shock. I don't think anybody expected it. But it's how football works and you have to move forward. I haven't spoken to anybody at the club, apart from the Everton lads who are with England but we all felt the same. It's a big, big surprise, but you just have to roll with these things in football.

“When Carlo came in, I was just hitting some good form under Big Dunc. But for a manager of his stature to come in and put his belief in me as he did was all that I needed at that time. Carlo's temperament and the way he manages players were a great fit for me. He managed to get some great form out of me.

“He didn't really give me too many instructions other than just to be more focused in the box, those were his words. He made quite a big thing of me scoring off one touch which has worked well this season. He stressed my job is to score goals so if I get players in to create chances my job's to put them in the back of the net and I think particularly in the first part of the season, that's how it went," Lewin said.

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