Wayne Rooney blackmail probe into hotel photos is dropped by police

Wayne Rooney blackmail probe into hotel photos is dropped by police

The police have dismissed a blackmail charge involving images of Wayne Rooney.

On Monday, Cheshire Police received a complaint after photographs appeared to show the ex-England footballer dozing in a chair with unknown ladies posing near him, which were extensively posted online.

Officers stated that they were confident that no offenses had occurred.

The Derby County manager stated that he did not want to pursue the case any further, according to the force. Rooney's agents have previously refused to comment on the photographs' content.

What's this about?

Images shared on social media showed Rooney on a night out with his mates, beginning on Saturday night at the elite Chinawhite club, with one photo showing him conversing with a mystery woman.

Model Tayler Ryan and her companions Elise Melvin and Brooke Morgan, all 21, are alleged to have been invited inside Rooney's VIP booth.

Rooney, who was sitting erect in a hotel room chair with his hands in his pockets, is thought to have dozed off and was unaware that photos were being shot without his permission.

There is no evidence that Rooney did anything wrong or acted inappropriately, and a friend of the woman told The Sun that no sexual contact occurred.