Gonzalo Higuain to take a break from football

Gonzalo Higuain to take a break from football

Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain has expressed his desire to take a sabbatical from football once his contract with Inter Miami expires.

The 33-year-old’s contract with the MLS club runs until December 2022 and in an interview with ESPN 360 via Football Italia, he wants to take a break from everything related to football after next year.

“I have one year left in my contract with Inter Miami, at the end of the deal I will take a sabbatical, taking a break from football and everything,” he said.

The striker also talked about his first experience in Europe following his move to Real Madrid.

“I was supposed to join Castilla or leave on loan, but when I arrived, I trained with the first team and after the second session, Capello told me: ‘You stay with us.’ After three or four days, I debuted as a starter in the Copa del Rey.

“With Benzema, it was a healthy competition, we pushed each other to give our best. When Cristiano arrived, he scored 27 goals and I scored 26. Benzema arrived the following summer and I thought: ‘How many goals do I need to score?’ Karim brought out the best version of me and I did the same with him, he is an incredible No.9 and I didn’t expect it,” he added.

Apart from Miami and Real Madrid, Higuain has represented Juventus, AC Milan and Chelsea in his career.