🇫🇷 Arsene Wenger sends Solskjaer advice

🇫🇷 Arsene Wenger sends Solskjaer advice

Ex-Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed what he would do if he was in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's shoes.

The Norwegian manager is under the worst pressure of his career after United’s 5-0 annihilation at the hands of Liverpool in Manchester last weekend.

The majority of the fanbase and former club legends say Ole was simply walk. But what are the views of a legendary Premier League manager like Wenger?

"You have to try and create hope,” Wenger said as quoted by The Metro

“Manchester City won the title last year, they were 11 points behind at one stage and they were 10th in the league in December.

"So if they rectify it, they are still not out of it completely. Also, in the Champions League, they can still qualify. So their season is not dead but it they continue like that, it will be quick."

"You can say a few words, the first thing is to protect the club and the team in the press.

"Not to come out with statements that create an even deeper crisis. You know you are in a crisis and you know you have a lot of work to do to get the mentality right in the team again because it’s a massive blow.

"Overall, you just try not to make it even worse than it is. It’s always your responsibility. Liverpool had a great day today. It can happen sometimes but in a big game the damage is massive.

"At the moment Manchester United are in-between pressing and dropping off and that is a little bit the worse situation for a team,” Wenger concluded.

Meanwhile, the situation won’t get any easier for Ole as Tottenham Hotspur wait to host the Red Devils in London this weekend.

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