🇦🇷 Why Messi really cried during Barcelona goodbye

🇦🇷 Why Messi really cried during Barcelona goodbye

An FC Barcelona official has claimed the real reason Lionel Messi wept during his final day at the club.

The club’s financial guarantor Jose Elias claims Messi’s reasons for letting tears follow was not out of his inability to stay at the Camp Nou.

Elias listed the three reasons as salary-related as well as the need to build a new team.

“The salary structure of the club: we had to face certain salary cuts that would have been difficult to defend," Elias said on La Sotana.

“Secondly, we did not have the money to pay him and we were bending over backwards to pay him in instalments, which is what Paris Saint-Germain are now doing.

“You have to be kidding yourself to think that is sustainable.

“And thirdly there was the need to generate a new team and some fresh excitement and with Messi you could not do it. He is of a certain age to not be at Barca.”

He added “Messi did not cry because he did not continue at Barca. He cried for a sum of things, not because he did not continue at Bara.

“Messi was running out of a cycle. And to that is added that he has made life in Barcelona and that people were integrated,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the club’s new manager Xavi is training his side for the visit of Benfica in the UEFA Champions League this week.

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