Conte: Tottenham 'scared' with COVID-19 situation worsening 

Conte: Tottenham 'scared' with COVID-19 situation worsening 

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has confirmed eight Spurs' players and five members of staff have tested positive for coronavirus. 

Spurs are preparing to take on Stade Rennais on Thursday in their final game of the Europa Conference League. 

"Eight players and five members of staff but the problem is that every day we’re having people with Covid, people that yesterday weren’t positive, and today are and we’re continuing to have contact with. It’s a serious problem," Conte said on Thursday. 

"Today another player and another member of staff positive. Tomorrow, who? Me? Another member of staff? I want to speak about football. This is not a good thing for you, the fans, and the staff."

"Everyone is a bit scared, we all have families. I ask why? Why? Yesterday we trained and two positives, today we trained and after another two positives. Who next? It’s not right, we’re going home to our families."

"We had 11 players available for the match and by the end of the training session today one of the players who would start tomorrow is now positive. It’s scary. We’re all having contact."

UEFA regulations

If the north London side has 13 players available including goalkeeper from their 25-man A list, they must fulfill the Rennes fixture. 

Spurs will need a win tomorrow to stand a chance of qualifying for the final 32 of the Conference League. 

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