Emmanuel Adebayor: Arsenal fans are unforgiving, Auba's time at the club might be over

Emmanuel Adebayor: Arsenal fans are unforgiving, Auba's time at the club might be over

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has almost certainly played his final game for Arsenal, according to former Gunners striker Emmanuel Adebayor.

Aubameyang was relieved of his Arsenal captaincy in December following a disciplinary infraction involving his late return from a trip overseas.

This was not Aubameyang's first indiscretion; he was also reminded of his obligations last year when it was reported he violated COVID-19 requirements by getting a tattoo.

The punishment did not end with the removal of the armband, with Mikel Arteta cutting Aubameyang from the squad for the remainder of the month.

His disqualification prompted Gabon to request his early release for Africa Cup of Nations duty, which Arsenal granted, only for him to return to his club without playing a single competitive game in Cameroon due to medical follow-ups following his infection with COVID-19.

Adebayor understands what it's like to have a contentious relationship with Arsenal and the club's fans, having made disparaging remarks about both following his 2009 departure to Manchester City. Two months later, he scored against his former team and sprinted the length of the pitch to rouse Arsenal supporters, a celebration that has since become ingrained in Premier League history.

He told reporters: "I know he's definitely going to go through a lot because that's Arsenal for you. You can't do whatever you do. 

"They never learn or they never knew how to forgive. So, I know he will go through a lot. 

"But he's a strong player, he's a good player, he's a fantastic player. I wish him all the best. 

"I sent him a message already because we just want him to bounce back. 

"He's our African brother and we want him to keep representing Africa the way he was doing it before the problem. 

"This is what I know because it happened to me also. Not in the same way, but a way back? At Arsenal, I would be surprised. 

"But as I'm telling you, he's a great player so let's see how he ends up."

Aubameyang is believed to have rejected a transfer to Saudi Arabia, with the 32-year-old preferring to remain in Europe.

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