Varane explains how the Premier League is the best

Varane explains how the Premier League is the best

We never grow bored of hearing how good the English Premier League is. This time Manchester United star Raphael Varane has added his own take.

According to the French defender Varane, and quite frankly almost everyone, there is no league that is intense as the EPL.

“The intensity is very different,” Varane told Man United’s media.

“The pace of the game is a really high level. It’s a great experience. I like the atmosphere around the stadiums.

“I like the mentality. It’s very intense but always in good spirit and very positive. This experience for me is great.”

Having played in France’s Ligue 1 and Spain’s La Liga, Varane added to agree that earning three points in England is supremely challenging.

“Yeah, the games are very difficult,” he stated. “You can’t be relaxed, you can be winning a game and you know if you have 10 minutes to play, anything can happen.

“I think it’s the best league in the world and the intensity is absolutely amazing. Every team has players of top quality.

The former Real Madrid star also appreciates the league’s tactical level and highly diverse makeup of talent.

“Tactically, it’s a very high level and there are a lot of players and coaches from everywhere. So it’s a mix about different cultures and different styles of players and of mentality.

“I think that is why the league is top because it's the best from everywhere, you know [laughs],” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Red Devils will next take on lower division hopefuls Middlesborough in the FA Cup next weekend.

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