🔥15 of the world's hottest football derbies

🔥15 of the world's hottest football derbies

A derby can be loosely explained as a bitter rivalry between two clubs and usually, it's the game many look forward to in a season, given what is always at stake: the club's and fans' pride.

It's an all-out war, a battle between the best, and whoever bags it all, runs the city, town, or region. These are more than just football matches.

Here is a look at some of the most prestigious and hard-fought derbies in the world of football.

  • El Clásico- Spain
    This is between Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  • Derby della Madonnina (Milan Derby)- Italy
    This is between Inter Milan and AC. Milan.

  • The North West Derby- England
    This is one of the biggest rivalries in the English league, and it's between Liverpool and Manchester United.
  • The Manchester Derby- England
    This is also a fierce rivalry in England, and it's between Manchester United and Manchester City.
  • Derby d'Italia- Italy
    This is arguably one of the most-watched football matches in Italy, and it's between Inter Milan and Juventus.

  • Der Klassiker- Germany
    Many call it the German Classico, and it's between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.
  • The North London Derby- England
    Is London red or white?
    That's the question many fans ask when Arsenal face Tottenham Hotspur, in what's obviously another fierce battle of bragging rights.
  • El Derbi Madrileño (Madrid Derby)- Spain
    This is between Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid.

  • The Merseyside Derby- England
    This is between Everton and Liverpool, and it's called the 'friendly derby' because there is no real social or political divide between these clubs.
    Interesting Fact: This derby has the record for most red cards in the Premier League.
  • The Old Firm Derby- Scotland
    This is a game between two of the most successful clubs in the history of Scottish football, Rangers and Celtic.
    It has a history of pitch invasions as well as vandalism and there have been several deaths over the years, and to be frank, if you want to go to one of these matches, do it at your own risk.
  • The Superclásico- Argentina
    This is one of the most intense, most-watched derbies in the world, and it's between Boca Juniors and River Plate.
    Any meeting between these clubs is always serious business.

  • O Clássico- Portugal
    Benfica and FC Porto are two of the biggest clubs in Portugal and given that they represent the two largest cities in the country (Lisbon and Porto), it's a widely watched and respected fixture.
  • Derby of the Eternal Enemies- Greece
    The intensity of the rivalry between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos is why this derby has one of the 'craziest' names. Violent incidents are common around the time this derby occurs, ad one incident in 2007 saw a Panathinaikos fan stabbed to death during a clash between fans.
  • Paulista Derby- Brazil
    This is between Corinthians and Palmeiras, and it's the biggest football rivalry in Brazil, and two of the oldest clubs in São Paulo.
  • Derby della Capitale (The Rome Derby)- Italy
    This is another rivalry that has seen plenty of violence between fans, and it's a match between Lazio and As Roma. It's a battle to decide who runs Rome, and it's dated back to the 1920s.

Honorary mentions:

  • Choc des Olympiques- Lyon vs Marseille
  • Le Classique- Marseille vs PSG

  • Derby del Sole- Napoli vs Roma
  • De Topper- PSV vs Ajax
  • Eternal Derby (Romanian Derby)- Dinamo București vs Steaua București
  • The Intercontinental Derby- Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray

Which derby do you look forward to the most?

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