Levante declare full support for Raphael Dwamena
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Levante declare full support for Raphael Dwamena

​Levante manager Paco Lopez has revealed that he told Raphael Dwamena that the club will support every step of the way to ensure his health gets back to normal, Ghana Guardian reported.

Dwamena who is 24-year-old has been formed to momentarily quit football due to an underlying heart condition which he suffered at the start of his professional career and in return, it cut short an opportunity to play for Brighton & Hove Albion.

According to reports, Dwamena is currently awaiting the results of the test he underwent to determine the extent of his condition and what medical treatment he needs.

Speaking in an interview with the media the coach of the Levant clarified that they approved the results of his medicals conducted when joining the club because they did not detect the heart that has prematurely truncated his career for now.

"Dwamena is affected, but he is a very positive boy," Lopez said. "Beyond being able to participate more or less when he was with us, he is an excellent person," he concluded.

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