🏆 Advanced Bet School: The best sports betting strategies to employ 
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🏆 Advanced Bet School: The best sports betting strategies to employ 

We can't promise that you'll become profitable from sports betting right away, but we certainly have a handful of tips and tactics that will maximize your winning possibilities and help you enjoy your betting. 

So, if you've made it this far, well done, it's time for the final portion of our Bet School series where we'll tackle winning strategies, odds and implied probabilities, the mathematics behind sports bets & the idea of categorizing your bets.

Here's a recap of the topics covered in the intermediate section in case you want to jog your memory.

So here goes - our best sports betting strategies. 

🕹 Maintain a competitive edge

There's a reason why it's called sports betting and not gambling. In betting, you always have a competitive edge and an opportunity to create a unique strategy within your control that is independent of chance. Maintain this unique advantage by carving out a competitive edge, and the best way to do that is to be different and not follow the crowd. Your betting strategy is completely unique to you. Identify the markets, sports and events in which you want to be operating, and master them. Over time this will deliver returns.

📊 Devise a strategy and stick to your guns

Plenty of "sports betting experts" tend to complicate it by throwing in fancy numbers and concepts but you're the only person who truly knows which strategy works for you and your budget. Overcomplicating matters can hurt your chances of winning - it's better instead to be confident of your strategy and stick to it over time. Be patient and it will yield results if you put in the work. A simple strategy backed by logic and research is your best bet.

💰 Manage the bankroll

It's the oldest trick in the book and for good reason. Don't ever bet with money you can't afford to lose. This will help you avoid situations where you are chasing losses or other disastrous outcomes. Work out which bets you place the most (example, the English Premier League or specific teams in that league) and start to calculate what proportion of your entire bankroll/budget you can afford to wager on single bets in that league.

🧪 Don’t fall For traps

Betting sites often try to lure bettors by floating unrealistic bonuses and special promos, only for those to not materialize down the line. These disrupt and interfere with your sports betting strategies. Background research is your friend again here, as it is in most fields of sports betting. Read reviews and make a few calls before deciding to join a sports betting offering.

📚 Research, research, research

Luck will give you a few wins at the start of your sports betting career, there's no doubt about that, but that luck will most certainly run out. All successful sports bettors are avid researchers, but most sports bettors overall don't do any kind of research before placing bets. That means that with just a bit of hard work and knowledge, you already possess a solid competitive edge. Every incremental bit of research that you put in will take you ahead of the chasing pack. 

Final thoughts 

Sports betting is an exciting, rewarding and enjoyable pursuit. Take these tips on board and you'll earn and learn more from the experience and stay safe from scammers. Always remember that sports betting is best when backed up by strong financial discipline and willingness to invest time in research. 

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