🚨 PL: Referees told to be more lenient with handball rule

🚨 PL: Referees told to be more lenient with handball rule

English Premier League referees have been told to be more lenient with decisions concerning the handball rule.

There have been decisions in the first three weeks of the Premier League that has seen the league stakeholders raise their concern about some of the referee’s decisions this after the handball decisions were revamped by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) handball law.

The Athletic now reports that a meeting took place tonight in which it was determined that referees can show ‘greater leniency in handball decisions’.

In the weekend, Tottenham and Crystal Palace were among the sides who were furious about penalties awarded against them under the application of the law with Spurs goalkeeping coach fined by the FA after confronting a referee after he felt his team were denied three points at the death.

Given that the rule itself cannot be changed, officials are now encouraged to show more common sense in analyzing handball decisions going forward.

Under the new interpretation, any ball that hits an arm which is above someone’s head in the area would still result in a penalty.


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