Manchester City set to end pursuit of Barcelona star Lionel Messi

Manchester City set to end pursuit of Barcelona star Lionel Messi

Manchester City will reportedly end their quest to sign Barcelona ace Lionel Messi according to Spanish football expert Semra Hunter.

Messi, however, continues to be linked with a move away from the club following the endless drama that has been happening at Camp Nou, precisely with top management.

Man City, on the other hand, have been the team that have been tipped to sign Messi but as per Hunter's reports, the club will not be making a move at this time due to their finances which have partly been affected bu the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with Sky Sports News, Hunter said: "I have it on good authority from someone close to the situation that Manchester City are not going to bid for Lionel Messi. Based on the information I have, as of today, that door is closed.

"They have two reasons for this: age and finances. Talking about age, he is heading into the twilight years of his career and you'll be bringing on board a Messi that is different to what we've seen for the last 17 years with Barcelona.

"Even he himself has said that he is getting closer to the dreaded r-word of retirement more so than anyone cares to admit.

"That goes hand-in-hand with finances because even though he would be able to join for free, his wages are astronomically high - he is earning about €100m (£89.2m) a year.

"That would be a huge financial burden for any club to take on, especially given the fact that we are in the middle of a global pandemic.

"Either you have to offload some of the highest earners or you have to sell off players or make other tweaks in other parts of the club depending on whatever formula a club would want to use to bring Messi on board.

"Perhaps, clubs would rather invest that money into bringing younger players in or bringing in reinforcements in positions where they actually need those reinforcements."

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