Greenwood not giving up on catching Man City

Greenwood not giving up on catching Man City

Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood still has hopes that his side can catch up with Man City in the title race.

United win over Burnley on Sunday reduced the gap between them and their neighbors to eight points and with more than six games remaining, Greenwood is not giving up on the title chase.

 "You can never be sure. They might slip up; we have to concentrate on our next games. Anything's possible, hopefully, they drop some points but we just have to keep focused on our games," the youngster who netted two goals in the Sunday game said.

In the remaining league games, United will be up against Leeds United in their next assignment before taking on Liverpool, Aston Villa, Leicester City, Fulham, and Wolves.

Man City on the other hand has dates with Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Chelsea FC, Newcastle United, Brighton, and Everton.

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