Ronald Koeman slams UEFA

Ronald Koeman slams UEFA

Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman has accused UEFA of being only concerned with money. 

A number of top clubs, including the Spanish giants, were on the verge of forming a Super League, only for the plan to collapse following a backlash from the football world. 

UEFA, on the other hand, announced new reforms that will come into play starting 2024, but Koeman is unimpressed. 

"It's unbelievable what players need to play in the last few years in all competitions," Koeman said in a news conference.

"Everybody is talking about a Super League or a [new] Champions League or a different way of playing in Europe.

"UEFA is talking a lot, but it is not doing anything or listening to the football people, not the managers or the players, about the number of games. Most important for them is the money.

"Even in Spain, the number of games we need to play – tomorrow we play at 10pm – all of that is not always in a positive way for the players.

"I think that's the most important. It's normal to think about the future of football but first of all they have to protect the football players."

Despite the Super League plan collapsing just a day after its official announcement, Barcelona are yet to withdraw their participation. 

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