FIFA 21 - The Fastest Players in the game

FIFA 21 - The Fastest Players in the game

Speed is undoubtedly the most important trait to have in your arsenal in the world of sports.

Of course, this may not apply to every single sport but in general and certainly in EA's latest edition, FIFA 21, it proves the most important weapon at all levels. 

There have been mixed reviews on the game itself in comparison to its previous versions. EA developers admit to having designed FIFA 21 to allow more goals to be scored. Year in, year out, FIFA usually sees few big changes to the look and feel of the game which only adds to the frustration of its player base. 

Two massive changes have led to players feeling as if it's too easy to create chances. The first improvement is FIFA 21's passing.

FIFA 21 will allow even the most unskilled players to pass the ball smoothly around the pitch, making it enjoyable to create triangular patterns of play, easier to beat any press from opponents, and ultimately, create goal-scoring opportunities with absurd "expected goals" (xG) ratings. In other words, chances you should be scoring from all the time, and with the changes in shooting mechanics, you will be scoring a lot of goals.

The second big change makes the pace of in-game players in comparison to their real-life counterparts more accurately replicated.

Mbappe leaves defenders in his dust when he 'gets on his bike' and is in full flow, and that's exactly what happens when your opponent has the speed devil in their team, having picked one of Paris Saint-Germain or the French National team. If you find yourself in such a position, make sure your defenders have their trainers on because Kylian Mbappe is about to take them all for a run. 

If you want to build your attack based on speed (which is what you SHOULD) be doing anyway, the following players should be considered.

Here's our round-up of the fastest FIFA 21 players you could give a test drive, on the pitch of course.

The ratings are base ratings, not FIFA 21's Ultimate Team ratings which could be affected by the league they play in, their teammates, or whether they're in their optimal position on the pitch. 

We start with some notable mentions who didn't quite make the top 10 list but will certainly make an impact for you on the pitch.

  • 15. Gelson Martins - Monaco
    Market Value: $20m | Pace: 94
  • 14. Krepin Diatta - Monaco
    Market Value: $18m | Pace: 94
  • 13. Rafa Silva - Benfica
    Market Value: $23m | Pace: 94
  • 12. Ismaila Sarr - Watford
    Market Value: $20m | Pace: 94
  • 11. Leon Bailey - Bayer Leverkusen
    Market Value: $35m | Pace: 94

As you may notice, the pace overall of these players so far is all 94. It begs the question, how do you then decide who is 12th or 15th?

There are other contributing factors such as acceleration, agility, and sprint speed which are considered before coming to the conclusive & overall "Pace" attribute.

  • 10. Inaki Williams - Sevilla
    Market Value: $25m | Pace: 94
  • 9. Achraf Hakimi - Inter Milan
    Market Value: $50m | Pace: 94
  • 8. Sadio Mane - Liverpool
    Market Value: $100m | Pace: 94

  • 7. Kensuke Nagai - FC Tokyo
    Market Value: $1m | Pace: 95
  • 6. Anibal Chala - Dijon
    Market Value: $1.5m | Pace: 95
  • 5. Daniel James - Manchester United
    Market Value: $18m | Pace: 95
  • 4. Vinicius Junior - Real Madrid
    Market Value: $40m | Pace: 95
  • 3. Adama Traore - Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Market Value: $35m | Pace: 96
  • 2. Alphonso Davies - Bayern Munich
    Market Value: $75m | Pace: 96
  • 1. Kylian Mbappe - PSG
    Market Value: $160m | Pace: 96