Former Juventus boss Sarri slams Cristiano Ronaldo

Former Juventus boss Sarri slams Cristiano Ronaldo

Maurizio Sarri has critizised Cristiano Ronaldo for his dominatuing persona at Juventus. 

Sarri becomes the first manager to criticize Ronaldo in public, something neither Sir Alex Ferguson nor Zinedine Zidane have ever done at Manchester United and Real Madrid respectively. The Italian coach worked with Ronaldo during the 2019-20 season but found him extremely difficult to manage.

The former Chelsea and Juventus boss accused Ronaldo of making his life difficult at Juventus because he couldn't focus on football matters concerning the club.

"Managing Ronaldo is not simple, from all points of view. He's a multinational company, he has personal interests that must coincide with football," Sarri told Italian media on Tuesday.

"His interests go beyond normalcy, beyond the team or club. I'm a coach, not a manager. Ronaldo, however, brings the numbers at the end of the year. But in recent years, I hear a lot about players and little about teams".

Ronaldo was recently in action at the Euro 2020, where he failed to take Portugal past the Round of 16 after they were beaten 1-0 by Belgium. Portugal were the defending champions in the tournament after winning the iconic European football competition in 2016.

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