Wenger explains plans for World Cup every two years

Wenger explains plans for World Cup every two years

FIFA's Chief of Global Football Development Arsenal Wenger has explained his plans to host a World Cup tournament every two years. 

Wenger's proposed format for the tournament would see World Cup take place every two years while qualifiers would be grouped together into either one or two longer international breaks. 

In his interview with L’Équipe, the former Arsenal coach said, "The goal is to keep improving the quality of football by increasing the frequency of competitions, alongside an improvement to the laws of the game. The international calendar will remain stable until 2024 since it’s already set. But after 2024, there’s a chance to change it."

"I would like to increase the frequency of competition, in a way that’s led by simplicity, a clear calendar, and a desire to only organize competitions that have real meaning to them, which are those which allow an improvement in the level of football."

World Cup every two years

"The big idea to start with is hold all qualifying matches over two international breaks, in October and March, for greater visibility in the calendar, to make it simpler for clubs, and for there to be less issues to resolve for national teams. The idea is to reduce the number of qualifying matches, to group them together, and then at the end of the season to have a World Cup and a championship for each confederation every two years. In between these two qualifying windows, the player would stay at their club all year."

On Decision 

Personally, especially considering the time I’m dedicating to it, I would like for it to be decided in December! But it’s not done yet.