'I am not an idiot', furious Klopp storms out of post-match interview

'I am not an idiot', furious Klopp storms out of post-match interview

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp stormed out of a post-match interview after the Reds' win over Atletico Madrid. 

Madrid coach Diego Simeone snubbed Klopp as he raced down the tunnel after the final whistle, avoiding a handshake with the Liverpool boss. In an immediate post-match interview, Klopp tried to play down the significance of the incident insisting the two men are certain to shake hands and put their difference aside in the return leg of the Champions League group fixture. 

"The situation is clear, I wanted to shake his hand and he didn’t want to. His reaction was for sure not right and mine was not too good as well," Klopp told BT Sport.

"But we are both emotional so when we see each other next time we will shake hands definitely and it’s like nothing happened. He was obviously angry not with me, but with the game, the world and it’s nothing else," he added. 

A Spanish journalist repeated attempts to sensationalize the spat between the two coaches that saw Klopp storm out of the interview angry. 

"Why was I angry? I am not such an idiot that you can [ask a] little question here. I was not angry at all," Klopp responded when asked why he was so angered by Simeone's antics. 

"Have a look. I can imagine you want to make a story out of that, but I wanted to shake his hand, he [Simeone] doesn’t want it."

"In that moment I can understand that he was running inside. He’s emotional, I’m emotional, and you are not a nice person because you want to make a story out of that. You said I’m angry, when was I angry? Now I am angry because of your question, come on."

Klopp then lost his patience and stormed out. 

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