Live betting - The Future is Here!

Live betting - The Future is Here!

20 Apr 2016, 10:07

One of the most notable sports betting innovations in recent times has been Live Betting; the ability to place a bet during a match.

It has proved especially popular on Football and Tennis and it’s no coincidence that its popularity has grown as smartphones have steadily increased in number and accessing the internet has become easier and cheaper.

It’s now easy to sit in your favourite armchair or bar and tap out a bet while watching the game. In fact, over 75% of football betting globally is now conducted AFTER matches have kicked off!

Apart from the excitement, the most interesting and compelling aspect of Live Betting is the price fluctuations.

For example, you might be an Arsenal fan watching your team fall 1-0 behind at home to Everton after 25 minutes. Yet you are confident that your boys are playing well and will come back and win.

Before kickoff, Arsenal’s price might have been 1.45 - not especially attractive. However, after 30 minutes, with Arsenal a goal behind, that price might have increased to 2.80 and for the Arsenal faithful that’s tempting!

New Kenyan betting company, is well aware of Live Betting. MD for East Africa, Mike Miller, comments:

“We did not expect it to be quite so popular this soon but client demand and betting volumes in our other African companies have been huge. Now Kenyan interest is at an even higher level, so we’re now betting live on more than 1,000 games every week.”

“It’s fun for me to sit in the office on a weekday morning and see Live Bets coming through on Chinese football or have a client calling to ask when his winnings from a just-completed Thailand match will be credited to his account.”

“Back in the day, we used to place our bets during the week or on match day morning, then sit and watch the game or score feeds and cheer our bets on. Now the watching and betting occur simultaneously and the excitement level is much higher as a result.”

“These days people even put several Live matches into a multi-bet at halftime or later, then watch the scores or flick channels to keep up with the goal action.”

“Some clients are getting quite sophisticated! A recent example is a client who backed the Draw at 5.25 before the match and then backed the Away team at 6.50 soon after kickoff; later in the match he was able to bet on the Home team at 5.00 which eventually scored twice and came from behind to win!

In fact, shortly after halftime he would have been able to sit back and relax, comfortable in the knowledge that whatever happened in the match he was going to make a profit!”

Live Betting is certainly here to stay!

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