Bet Smart!  Make Your Own Jackpot

Bet Smart! Make Your Own Jackpot

27 Feb 2017, 21:00

Jackpot! 10 million...50 million...100 million….

The figures look enticing, don't they? Some bookies will most times give you selections of up to 17 matches for you to hit the jackpot. However, what they probably will not tell you is that your odds of winning the jackpot are infinitesimal. It’s the human nature to have huge dreams and jackpots creates these possibilities in our minds. To entice us.

For jackpots, the excitement in your mind grows with the size of the prize- Ksh.100 million for instance- but it doesn’t diminish with the size of the probability. Still, you could opt to buy purchase lots of tickets, but this doesn't improve your chances of winning.

The bookie will tell you what fortune you can earn  by playing the jackpot. Have you calculated your chances of winning this jackpots before? If you are reading this, you probably want to know what are your chances of winning a jackpot.

Probability of winning

One Chance in: 102,791,946

Average Price Per Selection: 2.96

No. Of Selections Required: 17

In the example above, your chances of winning 100 million shillings by picking 17 correct scores are 0.0000000097! How tough it is.  Essentially, jackpots will have games where the favourite is paying 2.20+. This in essence reduces your chances of winning exponentially.

Way Out?

Why not try make your own jackpot?

BetPawa offers you a chance to pick a 30-match multi, from as low as 1 shilling with a maximum payout of Ksh.2.5 million. Depending on what sports you prefer, you could select your own multi bet and stake amounts of your choice. While you pick more matches, you have win bonuses of up to 100 percent to savour.

Tired and weary? Create your own jackpot and you could be a winner!

Remember! Always bet responsibly.

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