'Big Six' eager for greater share of TV Rights money as PL Clubs meet for vote

'Big Six' eager for greater share of TV Rights money as PL Clubs meet for vote

05 Oct 2017, 15:30

?Premier League club officials are set to vote today in London on Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore's proposed change on how the money from international broadcasting rights is distributed among teams.

The 'big six' - Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham are searching for a bigger share of the £1bn revenue as they believe their greater popularity means they deserve more.

But any change in the current format would need a two-thirds majority or 14 out of 20 Premier League clubs. Everton, Leicester City and West Ham have indicated they would vote with the big six. However, they are unlikely to win the vote as the other 11 teams seem against it.

Under the proposed change, Scudamore wants 35 percent of the income to be distributed based on a team's league position as 'merit payments'. Under this format, last season's Champions Chelsea would have received £12m more than bottom placed Sunderland.

If the big six fail in their move for more TV rights money, they could look at alternative options, like re-visiting the idea of creating a European Super League.

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