Wanyama takes friendly jibe at teammates

Wanyama takes friendly jibe at teammates

29 Dec 2017, 08:41

Victor Wanyama who is working hard to appear for Tottenham Hotspur again since August 2017 against defending champions Chelsea,  has taken a friendly jibe at his teammates.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Wanyama described fellow midfielder Harry Winks as the biggest diva while Mousa Dembele as the most intelligent man. Eric Dier, according to Harambee Stars midfielder is the worst dancer.

Here is what Mugubi said about some of his teammates.

The biggest diva?

Harry Winks [who is watching the interview behind the camera]. He comes in the morning and it starts from there. As soon as he steps into the training ground it's 'oh this, oh that…'. When he comes into the changing room everyone knows he is going to moan about something. Sometimes I am in the medical room and the physios are like 'he's there, here's trouble'.

Harry Winks: I parked in his parking space once, that's probably why he is unhappy!

Wanyama: We all have our spots and for some reason, Harry just parked his car in mine. I arrived in training and I thought 'whose car is this?' I wanted to block his car with mine but I couldn't do it because he could leave from the other side! I went into the changing room and asked who parked in my spot and I saw him laughing

Eric Dier is the worst. I have seen him dancing and he is so stiff. No coordination, his movement is off the beat - when the music is fast he is slow and when the music is slow he is fast. 

The best dancer in the dressing room is Serge Aurier, so I will tell him to give him lessons! Serge is always moving and dancing and he loves music. He does everything, even breakdancing, he is like Michael Jackson, he moves very well! Before him, it was George Kevin-N'Koudou but they had a dance-off and the judge was Moussa Sissoko and he picked Aurier.

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