Your Sundays will never be the same again, as Kenya’s best mobile betting site betPawa Kenya has unveiled a brand new amazing jackpot where with 10 shillings on 13 matches, you can win 1 million shillings: The Sunday million jackpot.

In line with betPawa’s growing innovative product line, and the ‘bet small win BIG’ tagline,  the new jackpot comes days after the launch of a one-of-its-kind 17 match jackpot, that earns you Ksh. 10 million with just 10 shillings.

With more chances for the clients to win, you now have a chance to play the 13 -match jackpot for 10 shillings and 13 correct predictions will earn you Ksh. 1 million. ! To increases your chances of winning, you can also make multiple tickets at once.

The prize split for the 13 match jackpot is as follows;

13 of 13 correct: KSH. 1,000,000

12 of 13 correct: KSH.100,000

11 of 13 correct: KSH. 50,000

10 of 13 correct: KSH. 10,000

9 of 13 correct: KSH. 5,000

Note: If there are more than 1 winning the ticket, prizes will be shared.

The Sunday million jackpot

betPawa is Kenya’s most exciting and innovating bookmaker, offering the lowest stake ever of just 1 shilling, an exciting win bonus of up to 100%, and a 25-shilling free bet for new clients, excellent 24-hour customer support and you can bet on mobile, tablet or PC fast and easy without leaving your home.

Take the chance and try out the new amazing Sunday million jackpot and you could win a cool one million shillings!

How to play the Jackpot

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Choose at least one option (1x2) from each game. You can also choose many options to make multiple tickets.

Step 3: After completing the ticket click "Buy ticket" and your Sunday Million slip is all set!

Once all results are confirmed and you win, all the winnings will be sent to your Mobile Money account.

Play the betPawa Jackpot now at

Note: Sunday Jackpot closes on 13th May 02:30 PM.