Pep Guardiola has again said that Manchester City is not looking to add anyone on their squad in the current transfer window.

Guardiola added that even their big rivals might not sign because clubs always sign players for long term purposes. To him, he has been satisfied with his squad from the very beginning of the season.

”Normally if we buy one player it’s for the next five, six years and normally these kinds of situations in this transfer window don’t happen.  So for loan players maybe it can happen, but I think the big clubs don’t buy players for just five-six months and they don’t sell in that period. If you don’t have injuries, you are satisfied with the players, the squad we have, we decide going well or bad with the same players from the start of the season.” Guardiola told reporters.

Speaking on their Monday football opponents Wolves, the Premier League defending manager said that they are very strong and will present them with an all-new challenge.

“They are strong physically, on counter-attacks. They control many, many areas. Joao Moutinho and Ruben Neves shoot from everywhere.” Guardiola revealed.

Injury updates

“Sergio [Aguero] after the game against Liverpool was a bit sick, was out the last few days. Vincent [Kompany] recovering well after Liverpool. The rest I think are fit."

Gabriel Jesus spent the festive season with his family in England who travelled from Brazil and Guardiola said that move is encouraged by the club as private lives are really important for the players.

“The players know we are in an incredible club, that tries to take care of all of us. The private life is private life if they need something the club is there but of course, you cannot substitute the mother or family when they can’t be there it's difficult. But it is what it is and he has to handle that situation. He’s not alone, he has a friend, a special connection with the Brazilian players. The private life affects performances. Sometimes we judge the players, we don’t know what is happening in the private life. You have to try and help them, all we can do is tell them we are here.” Guardiola explained.

Man City sits second to Liverpool on the log with four points separating them.