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Thierry Henry has been voted as the best overseas player to ever play in the Premier League.

The Frenchman is the only player to have won the FWA Footballer of the Year three times and is Arsenal’s all-time top scorer with 228 goals during his stay in north London.

In a poll conducted by BBC, the 41-year-old received 250,000 votes with pundits Alan Shearer, Alan Smith and Chris Sutton all agreeing with the decision.

"For longevity in the Premier League and the number of appearances he made and the goals he scored, Henry is up there." said Shearer.

"Henry has all the numbers. There was elegance to everything he did. I wonder how many fans around the world watch the Premier League because of Thierry Henry. He was the complete package, an incredible footballer and a marketing manager's dream. He took your breath away with what he did." added Smith.

"Henry is the greatest ever player in the Premier League. What he brought in terms of people paying to watch him play, he is the one. He got the crowd off their seats and what could he not do? He was a phenomenal player." finished Sutton.