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Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson has said the draws that the club registered recently were not bad results and that his teammates are full of confidence than before.

Robertson is with Scotland for the international duty said the draws in particular against Manchester United and the one from Merseyside derby against Everton were not as bad as was made to look by critics. Liverpool sit atop Premier League table with two points.

"People have been quite quick to jump on us and say we've been going through a blip at Liverpool and now all of a sudden we've come through that. It's part and parcel of football. We had a couple of draws, they were not the worst results. We didn't play our best but drawing away to Manchester United and Everton are usually good results. Because we are in the title race and all of a sudden Manchester City could maybe take over you by a point, it's deemed as disastrous." Robertson told Sky Sports.

"We've had a fantastic season and it's coming to the bit where we have to step up again and get the trophies that we are going for. The lads are full of confidence at Liverpool," he concluded.

Liverpool advanced to the Champions League quarter-finals and will face Porto next month.

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