“We will see. Dejan was ill so he should be available again, we will see that," Klopp told the Press. 

“Pretty much all the rest should be available, I heard nothing after the Porto game. Always after games, a few players have slight, little problems but nothing really serious – so it should be OK, [they] should all be in.”

On Joe Gomez

“Gomez looked good. It’s good to have him and it’s the same for Ox. It’s very good to have them both back. We will see (about Gomez starting on Saturday) - there are a lot of players with rhythm."

On Chamberlain

“It’s the same for Ox, it’s not about being ready and you come in immediately because as long as the other players show no drop in form in training, we came [to this point] like this. But it’s very good to have them back and have them in contention.”

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