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Ex-Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has hit out at the current squad for not respecting manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Rooney believes the players need to start fearing and respecting Solskjaer and his coaching staff. The club legend has accused some of the players of ‘finding someone to hide behind’ on and off the pitch. The DC United striker admits ‘watching the Red Devils struggle is always tough’ following their dismal end to the season.

“I think the players need to fear someone. They need to fear Ole Gunnar. They need to fear Michael Carrick. They need to respect them but fear them also. The way the game has gone has changed, society has changed. You have got social media,” said Rooney.

“You have got players losing a game and posting something on social media about their new clothing range, their new aftershave, whatever they're bringing out, which I find remarkable. When fans speak up on it and say 'why are you posting that?' they always have the marketing people to blame [but] take responsibility.”

“They work for you. Those marketing people work for you. I have people who do similar stuff for me and they never do anything without my instructions. If that is what you're doing, you're sitting at the top of that business. You have to take responsibility for them.

“These players almost always like to find someone to hide behind, whether that is on their social media or on the football pitch and that's what they are doing.”

The retired England international left United in the summer of 2017 ending his 13 year stay at Old Trafford.

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