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Win GH¢200,000 from a GH¢1 ticket – even if you get a result wrong
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Win GH¢200,000 from a GH¢1 ticket – even if you get a result wrong

The Jackpot prize for 17 correct results in betPawa’s emPawa17 game is GH¢1,000,000. However, did you know you can win GH¢200,000 even if you get one wrong? Clememt Akurugu does.

The Chelsea fan won that huge sum with one GH¢1 ticket in the 11/08 edition of the weekly game. There’s also an emPawa13 game every midweek where 13 results could win you GH¢100,000.

Clememt enthusiastically explained the strategy behind his BIG win, how he celebrated and his future plans.

Clememt’s advice for winning BIG

“I purchased my winning Jackpot ticket on August 10th at around 10:30am. Even though I believe that betting is a game of luck, I also have my strategy.

“I always use a book of paper and divide the paper into 10 sections and list all the games I want to place my bet on, so that I am able to analyse the teams very well. I also visit and to check the past records of the teams I intend to place my bet on.

“I was very surprised that I have won such an amount of money, so I had to check my betPawa account balance again to be sure and it was still there.

“This is my very first time winning BIG like this, even though I had won severally from betPawa with an amount of GH¢5,000, GH¢2,000, GH¢1,700 and other winnings.”

Clememt’s BIG plans

Asked how he’ll spend his winnings, the Zebilla resident added: “I will use the money to expand my business. I already have a lot of businesses but I am much focussed on a building material business so this is a very big opportunity for me to expand that business and take it to the next level.

“In fact, this money… wow! It will definitely elevate my standing in business now.

“For me, I like betPawa because of the odds. We compare a lot with other betting companies and you can see that betPawa has very reasonable odds, especially when it comes to betPawa live betting.

“Sometimes you will realise that in the 70th minute, you can still get 1.4-plus odds, especially when the team is in a clear lead and only with betPawa can you find something like that. This makes me love betPawa more.

“All I can tell anyone looking to win BIG like me is that betting is a game of luck, however people need to study the teams first: their records, home records, away records, head to head, number of goals and the number of chances they create before placing your bet on them.”

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