🇬🇭🗣 Okraku shares his vision for Ghanaian football ahead of elections

🇬🇭🗣 Okraku shares his vision for Ghanaian football ahead of elections

New Ghana Football Association presidential candidate Kurt Okraku has laid down what he will work to deliver should he get elected as the head of GFA.

As reported on Futaa yesterday, Okraku announced entering the race to become Ghana’s president ahead of next month’s poll.

The highly respected administrator has followed the announcement with a lining out of his vision of where he aims to take the nation’s troubled football organization.

"My ultimate aim is to ensure that industry players in Ghana get their fair share of the enormous global wealth of football. That every person connected to the game reaps their rightful dues for their unending efforts and enormous investments," Okraku said via Ghana Soccer Net.

While saying that the details of his action plan will be presented to the GFA, the Dreams FC boss emphasizes that bringing global wealth to Ghanaian football will form the core of his vision and action.

"I will in the not too distant future share with stakeholders my elaborate blueprint on my vision for Ghana football. The vision of Creating Wealth for All in football.”

"This Vision will primarily see us embark on a quest to build a transparent led and communication friendly FA which carries along all stakeholders to fulfill the aspirations of our beloved nation,” he continued.

"This requires a leadership with the skillset and corporate governance mindset to drive a new image for the passion that holds this great country together.”

"The time has come to make our football great again and we must not miss this unique opportunity of entrusting the forward march of our football in competent and efficient hands.

"My track record speaks for itself,” concluded Okraku.

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