Ghana FA confirms presidential election date | Kenya
Ghana FA confirms presidential election date

Ghana FA confirms presidential election date

The Ghana Football Association’s (GFA) Normalization Committee have announced the day of days for the 2019 presidential elections.

According to Ghana Web, the NC together with the higher statues of the GFA have marked Saturday 27 October as the day to elect the new Ghana FA president.

“The Normalisation Committee of the Ghana Football Association has proposed 27th October 2019 for the FA presidential election,” wrote GhanaWeb.

The same meeting event also witnessed a proposal of a new set of statutes that will govern and regulate the troubled GFA from disarray.

“Election was later conducted for the 123 delegates which saw 115 to have voted YES in support of the adoption of the statutes whilst 8 opted for NO,” added the publication about the yet-to-be amended suggestions.

“Majority going for YES means there will be an Elective Congress which will see a fresh election for the GFA presidency seat which will see the installation of a new FA.”

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